Fine Family Dining in Cambodia

Guest Post by Jody Hanson — “Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked Nick. He is a 35 year old tuk-tuk driver in Phmon Penh where I live. In summary he is a combination of my personal chauffeur, a friend and a little brother.

My Fiji Kava Caper

By Jody Hanson — The taxi barrelled out of Suva and the city lights faded behind us. And there I was, seated next to Niteshni, my new best friend of 15 minutes, headed for her uncle’s going away party.

Being Polite in Nigeria: Only Shake When Shaken To

Suddenly the room went into a state of collective anaphylactic shock. Regaining his composure, the Chief of Shendam hitched-up his babariga and strolled out the door. His entourage meekly followed. The bank employees quietly slunk out behind them as they did not want to be anywhere near the manager when he exploded.