Feb 102016
Picture Portugal Part Two: Instagram Favorites

When you picture Portugal in your mind, what do you see — trams on steep streets, towering bridges, and historic sites such as Belém? I was excited to see these scenes in person and even happier to experience Portuguese culture expressed in art, architecture, and music as portrayed in the second part of my Portugal Instagram photos.

Jan 272016
Prelude to a Cruise: 7 Lisbon Highlights

Lisbon was irresistible. I fell in love at first sight.

As much as Mr. TWS and I were excited about taking our first cruise, the fact that the Viking River Cruises “Portugal’s River of Gold” itinerary included a two-day stay in Lisbon prior to ever stepping foot on the boat was one of our favorite things.

Dec 242015
Picture Portugal on Instagram

Picture Portugal — the glittering lights of Lisbon, sweeping vistas of the stunning Douro Valley, Baroque architecture, colorful ceramic tiles, and delightful surprises. These are just a few of the facets of this wonderful country that we captured for our Instagram gallery during our first visit there on our Viking River “Portugal’s River of Gold” cruise.