Sep 132012
An Awakening in National Harbor, Maryland

After catching a gorgeous sunset on the Potomac at National Harbor, Maryland, I took a walk to the marina admiring the yachts and the lights of the nearby Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed what appeared to be a large hand. Slightly startled, I turned to face it directly.

May 312012
An Afternoon with George in Old Town Alexandria

Visiting the Washington D.C. area, you’re constantly reminded of early American history while wandering through the stomping grounds of founding fathers and historical figures. One of the most famous figures, of course, is President George Washington. It was interesting to hear many people I met refer to him affectionately as “George”.

May 252012
Friday Photo: Sunset on the Potomac

Our hotel at National Harbor, Maryland provided close proximity to downtown Washington D.C. just 10 miles north and lovely views of the Potomac River. Walking along the marina one evening, I captured this shot. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a cocktail while cruising along the river in one of those boats at sunset on the […]

May 242012
Remembrance at Washington DC Memorials

Symbolism abounds in Washington D.C. There’s no shortage of monuments to mark major events, memorialize leaders and honor individuals who have been forces of change in America and the world.

In remembrance of the men and women who have died in the service of the United States….

Feb 202012
Monumental Washington

Washington D.C. is filled with monuments, memorials and historical landmarks. Probably the most visible from many different vantage points is the towering Washington Monument that honors President George Washington. To mark Presidents’ Day, which recognizes all United States presidents (especially Abraham Lincoln and George Washington who used to have their own holidays on February 12th and 22nd, respectively), I wanted to share a few Washington Monument photos that I took during my visit to Washington D.C. in October.

Nov 282011
Quirky Artsy DC

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Adding to my previous posts about art exhibits in Washington DC, I’ve selected three works that struck me as quirky during my visit in October. These sculptures are in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden on the National Mall. (Since this week’s Magnificent Monday theme is QUIRKY, I’m […]

Oct 162011
Washington Undercover

When I was growing up, I fantasized about being a spy. I loved all of the television programs featuring sexy secret agents and international intrigue. On my trip to Washington D.C. earlier this month, my first visit was to the International Spy Museum to learn more about the undercover world of espionage. I was surprised […]