Dec 252016
Our Christmas Card from New York City

By Mr. TWS — Sweeney and I kicked off our Christmas season a little differently this year because our relocation to Scottsdale, Arizona from the San Francisco Bay Area was still in progress. Instead of getting our Christmas tree and decorating just after Thanksgiving before heading off to Europe for 10 days in early December, it seemed getting to New York City for a few days was the perfect plan.

Aug 142014
From Shoes to Sex: 14 Intriguing Museums in North America

While I enjoy visiting large institutions like the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to peruse their enormous collections, I have a special fondness for the smaller, and in some cases unusual or under-the-radar museums that I come across.

Aug 152011
It's a Cliché, but I Love New York

If you dig around on my website a bit, you’ll find posts about some of my experiences in New York City. Although I tend to find something to love about most cities I’ve been to, New York really has a special place in my heart. I think it’s the energy, excitement and edginess that I notice as soon as I get in a taxi or subway train to Manhattan from JFK.