Sep 242015
10 Glimpses of Maritime Québec on Instagram

Colorful, delicious, fresh, charming, intriguing. These are some of the characteristics I tried to capture in photos during my three-day road trip in two of the maritime regions of Québec, Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie. I’ve written about my trip in other articles, but here I’ll give you a glimpse with ten of my favorite maritime Québec Instagram photos.

Aug 242015
On the Waterfront: A Taste of Kamouraska

Là où il y a des joncs au bord de l’eau — French translation of the Algonquin word “Kamouraska” meaning “Where there are reeds at the waterfront” … The name “Kamouraska” hints at the essence of the village (and the county of the same name) with its access to the riches of the St. Lawrence River.