Jul 272015
Rome in a Day Part 2: The Power and the Glory

Did you know that there are nine miles of culture and history with sculptures, paintings, other art, and religious and historical relics in the Vatican Museums, including their most famous attraction — the Sistine Chapel? It’s impossible to take it all in during one visit.

Aug 142014
From Shoes to Sex: 14 Intriguing Museums in North America

While I enjoy visiting large institutions like the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to peruse their enormous collections, I have a special fondness for the smaller, and in some cases unusual or under-the-radar museums that I come across.

Dec 242012
Nativity Scenes at Peterskirche

Vienna’s old town is a treasure chest of architectural and historical gems, including many churches which seem to be ideal to view at Christmastime. On our pre-Christmas trip earlier this month, we took notice of the various nativity scenes as most of the European churches we visited in the weeks before Christmas presented their own special versions.

Nov 082012
Featured Museum: The California Story

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) showcases the state’s history of attracting newcomers from early explorers to recent immigrants, as well as chronicling the lives of the native people who were here before them. OMCA also presents California’s influence in the world, significant events, art, and natural sciences. There’s something for everybody — native Californians, newcomers, and visitors.