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Colorful, delicious, fresh, charming, intriguing. These are some of the characteristics I tried to capture in photos during my three-day road trip in two of the maritime regions of Québec, Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie. I’ve written about my trip in other articles, but here I’ll give you a glimpse with ten of my favorite maritime Québec Instagram photos.

Maritime Québec on Instragram

“Le Grand Rassemblement (The Great Gathering)”

Nature and art meet on the Route des Arts in Sainte-Flavie. Marcel Gagnon created these intriguing statues (numbering over 100) on the shore of the St. Lawrence River. The figures seem to come out of the sea or go back in with the tides.

Le Grand Rassemblement (The Great Gathering) on the St. Lawrence River in Sainte-Flavie, Quebec

Métis Bloom Spoon

The “Métis Bloom Spoon” is a gorgeous mouthful of edible flowers hand-picked by Chef Pierre-Olivier Ferry of Estevan Lodge Restaurant at Reford Gardens in Grand-Métis.

"Metis Bloom Spoon" at Reford Gardens in Grand-Metis, Quebec

Dessert as art

This unusual dessert is a maple meringue mushroom mousse with drops of cranberry jelly — another gorgeous creation by Chef Ferry of Reford Gardens using fresh ingredients from the gardens.


Himalayan Blue Poppy

The Himalayan Blue Poppy is a rare flower that grows splendidly at Reford Gardens. One of the earliest of the season, this poppy was fluttering in the gentle breeze (a little blurry, but it’s the only photo I took of it). In the 1930s, Elsie Reford was one of the first gardeners in North America to attempt to grow the blue poppy.

The rare Himalayan Blue Poppy at Reford Gardens, Grand-Metis, Quebec

“Se mouiller (la belle échappée)”

The unique installations in Reford Gardens’ International Garden Festival reflect our connection to nature as expressed by landscape designers and architects from around the world. In the colorful and interactive exhibit below, “Se mouiller (la belle échappée)”, visitors participate by donning the boots and walking in the water which represents wetlands.

"Se mouiller (la belle échappée)" exhibit at International Garden Festival at Reford Gardens, Grand-Métis

Domaine Acer

In their lovely rural location in Auclair, Domaine Acer produces high quality alcoholic beverages from the vinification of maple sap. They have a guided tour that educates visitors about the full process beginning with harvesting the sap from their 120 acres of maple groves.

Domaine Acer in Auclair, Quebec

Grilled Ham and Cheese

At Côté Est in Kamouraska they take grilled ham and cheese, one of my favorite comfort foods, to a new level. The sandwich is made with local products and a delectable pear butter. I’ve been craving it ever since that lunch in Kamouraska.

Grilled ham and cheese at Cote Est in Kamouraska, Quebec

California Dreamin’

Quai des Bulles is a shop in Kamouraska that carries a range of natural and organic body care products. As you approach the front door, you begin to smell the fragrances. My personal favorite soap was California Dreamin’, a patchouli and poppy blend adopting the name of the Mamas and Papas 1960s song. Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?

California Dreamin' patchouli and poppy soap at Quai des Bulles in Kamouraska

Kamouraska architecture

The homes, shops, and inns of Kamouraska are beautifully maintained with colorful facades, decorative trim, and pretty flowers and plants. Many of the buildings have distinctive roofs with curved eaves that resemble a boat’s hull such as the one on the lovely blue building shown below.

Lamuse Bouche

At the corner of Rue Massé and Av. Chassé

It was easy to see why Kamouraska is one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Québec” as I strolled the quiet streets. Weather vanes such as the one shown below are common sights in the village.

Charming Kamouraska, Quebec

To learn more about my time in Québec, you can read “Maritime Québec: A Feast for the Senses” on Dave’s Travel Corner and “On the Waterfront: A Taste of Kamouraska” right here on Traveling with Sweeney.

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  18 Responses to “10 Glimpses of Maritime Québec on Instagram”

  1. Now firmly routed on my list…next time I’m in Quebec! Love these photos!

  2. I would be surprised if I found all these things during a road trip. There are a lot of interesting things in here. Now, I want to get to know this area!

  3. Your pictures of Quebec’s Maritime Provinces are wonderful! I especially love the “bloom spoon.” What fun!

  4. I have Redford Gardens marked for a road trip. The Garden Festival looks fun but it is the food photos that have convinced me to go there. Your photos are a great reminder not just to visit a city.

  5. That ham and cheese sandwich looks wonderful – no wonder you’re still craving it! The addition of Pear butter sounds like a tasty twist on a classic. Quebec is one of Canada’s culinary treasures.

  6. Wow, you’re right about the soap looking good enough to eat! And how delightful to have a spoonful of flowers for dessert. A wonderful look at your IG highlights of Quebec.

  7. What a fun tour, everything looks so colorful and interesting. I’ve always loved those blue poppies, such and amazing blue color too!

  8. Wow, Cathy. You’ve really made this part of Canada pop. In Quebec, I’ve only ever been to Montreal, but very tempted to venture further afield next time. Loved the pretty flowers, almost too pretty to eat, and the minimalistic moai-like statues on the beach. And the colourful wellies.

  9. I had to go back and see what you called the article. It is art, all of it. The statues are amazing and the gum boots, well that is just clever and funny. Beautiful post

  10. Really love the Le Grand Rassemblement! We have been trying to put together a trip up the St Lawrence the last two summers and something has always come up, but we have to go.

  11. What a fun collection of photos and memories! Great idea for a blog post as well. Happy travels to the TWS duo!

  12. Lovely photos! I haven’t visited this region of Québec yet and now I want to make it a priority!! Kamouraska does indeed look like a lovely village!

  13. Love this round-up! Edible flowers, arty desserts (and perhaps because I’m reading your post just before dinner), the ham-and-cheese sandwiches with pear butter all grabbed my attention. Yum!

  14. Got to visit the Gaspiese last summer and also found it wonderful. The Reford Gardens are gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me.

  15. Fabulous pictures! I liked The Great Gathering the best probably because of the water which always attracts me. Such a beautiful area.

  16. Love those gorgeous pictures of my home country. What a feast for the eyes!

  17. I haven’t spent any time in this part of Quebec and yet it looks so beautiful. I love the first photo in particular.

  18. What a gorgeous area. i want to grab a bite of that ham and cheese sandwich! Thanks for linking up. #TPThursday

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