Feb 282013

Do you have spring fever?

The spring season doesn’t officially begin until March 20th, but a lot of people are starting to get spring fever. So I’m hosting a blog carnival with the theme of … spring! Of course, spring is a season but we asked bloggers to let their imaginations spring into action and come up with whatever interpretations they liked.

Enjoy each of the blog posts below by clicking on the links. Then join in the fun by adding your own “spring” travel blog post to the collection if you have one. Just enter the URL to your blog post & select a thumbnail photo. Entries can be added up until March 17th, one of my favorite holidays — St. Patrick’s Day.

Sit back and enjoy the submissions the writers have shared below. Please try to leave comments on the posts you read and help to spread the fever. It’ll put a spring in your step! 🙂

  20 Responses to “You Give Me Fever — Spring Fever”

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  2. With the weather we’re having today I’m definitely feeling spring! Great list so far. Can’t wait to read everyones input 🙂

  3. […] your lucky day. Catherine Sweeney is sponsoring a blog carnival about spring on her blog, Traveling with Sweeney.  Around these parts (Philadelphia, PA, USA), you can say, “Aahh, it’s spring”, […]

  4. I’m honored to be in such great comopany! Only read a couple so far, but really interesting to see how different spring is perceived to be!

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  6. […] hosted this month by Cathy at Traveling with Sweeney. You can find the rest of the posts here http://travelingwithsweeney.com/2013/02/28/spring-fever/ to get a taste of what spring is like and how folk think about it around the world […]

  7. It is Autumn in Townsville in the Southern Hemisphere. But it is just like a Spring Day in the Northern Hemisphere. These photos were taken days ago in the Queens Gardens.

  8. […] In the spirit of Spring this post is linked to TRAVELING WITH SWEENEY’S SPRING THEMED POST. […]

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  10. I thought spring was coming to Norway but we are having another cold snap now…at least the sun is out!

  11. I’m in Spain right now and spring has sprung!!!

  12. No spring here yet. Snow is falling, pretty and white, a bit cold.

  13. No spring here yet. Snow is falling, pretty and white, a bit cold. I’ll come back to spring later 🙂

  14. We are so excited for spring this year! We got a lot of rain, so I know the flowers will be extra gorgeous.

  15. I’m looking forward to spring this year! We got a ton of rain, so the flowers will be extra gorgeous.

  16. Love the Spring and the season follows after that 🙂 It really is nice to see flowers blooming after being with snow for a long time.

  17. Thanks! I need the spring in my step!

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  19. What a great way to welcome us out of dreary winter! Will submit mine soon!

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