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Scary in Spain

I wasn’t going to do anything special for a Halloween post this year, but have ultimately decided to have a little holiday fun. As I was putting together my Barcelona post this week, I came across a few photos from my trip last month that while not terribly frightening, were at least quirky and maybe even a little scary in Spain.

What Evil Lurks?

"Scary in Spain: Moon over Barcelona"

Moon over Barcelona

Enter, if You Dare

Door in Girona

Door in Girona

I fell in love with Girona when I visited last month. It’s a beautiful, picturesque old city. But this doorway seemed to be hiding some scary secrets from the past.

Creepy Babies

Dolls in Barcelona Window Display

Dolls in Barcelona Window Display

Am I the only one who thinks that these dolls at Les Golfes toy shop in Barcelona are just a little creepy?

More Creepy Babies

Madrid Baby Heads Sculpture

Sculpture at Madrid’s Atocha Station

These sculptures are located outside of the Atocha Railway Station in Madrid. I know it’s art, but glad I didn’t come across them at night.

One Scary Little Fish

La Boqueria Fish Market

Scary Fish at La Boqueria Fish Market, Barcelona

There are so many delicious treats, produce, meats & seafood at Barcelona’s La Boqueria market, but this fish didn’t tempt my appetite at all.

Need a ride?

Mannequin's in Dali's "Rainy Cadillac"

Mannequins in Dali’s “Rainy Cadillac”

No thanks. I think I’ll walk. Ah, Salvador Dali! This couple sits in the back seat of Dali’s 1941 Cadillace in the courtyard of the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain.

If That Didn’t Scare You…

Walking through Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, there are many narrow alleys where surprises abound. Now are you afraid? (Thanks to the very private Mr. TWS for letting me post this photo of him.)

Happy Halloween!

  52 Responses to “Scary in Spain”

  1. Scary in Spain – cool! Pretty creepy babies all round. Equally creepy dolls; remind me of Children of the Corn, they do…

  2. Ewwww….what is with the creepy babies?? I love the picture of the moon and the castle door. Very cool, but still creepy.

    • I was just walking along one of Girona’s narrow streets and stopped in my tracks when I saw that door. It really struck me.

  3. Cathy- these dolls are so scary!! The ones with the wrinkles all over their head and gray… oh, gross!

  4. For someone who wasn’t planning a creepy post, you sure did pull together a great one. Those babies and that mannequin….Ewwww…definitely creepy.

    • Yeah, I think it was when I saw the moon photo that it first occurred to me, then I immediately thought of the doll photo. I couldn’t resist.

  5. Love this series! I had forgotten this was the Thursday before Halloween! I have seen a couple of displays related to Halloween though in a couple places in Italy — should pay more attention to these things. Great photos.

  6. So maybe I don’t need to go back to Spain so badly after all……

  7. I’d never thought I’d see an fitting sentence with both ‘creepy’ and ‘baby’ in it, but in this case it seems appropriate.

  8. Hysterical – love it – I thought the babies were real when I first glanced at them……yikes!

    Thanks for linking up – LOVED the theme!!

  9. Those dolls are definitely creepy!!

  10. Completely creeped out now – those dolls and mannequins are just freaky!

  11. Wow, these are all really scary! Nice job collecting these images. Creepy = fun.

  12. OMG..what is it with the creepy babies……and mannequins in Barri Gòtic. We had one on the balcony next to our apartment too!

  13. Ever since Chucky the doll, I’m quite scared of scary looking dolls. Those dolls and baby head sure reminds me of Chucky. Happy Halloween Mr. & Mrs. TWS! 🙂

  14. I really like the picture of the moon and the door. Spooky, but not too scary… 🙂 Happy Halloween, Cathy!

  15. Could those dolls be any creepier?!

  16. What’s with all the creepy babies?!!

  17. Your photos fit the theme well Cathy – especially the baby heads.

  18. I thought my wife had some creepy dolls, but those are way stranger. The Dali stuff is kind of bizarre too, but I guess a lot of his stuff would fall into that category.
    Any idea what was behind that giant door?

  19. Great Idea for a post Cathy, scary photos from your travels. There is this scary fish that hangs out at one of my favorite restaurants and he’s always there on the buffet and I never see anyone taste him. One day I tried him and he wasn’t bad 🙂

  20. Creepy doll! Creepy Dali! Adorable Mr. TWS

  21. Those babies are definitely creepy, I may have nightmares about their weird little faces.

  22. Are those babies intentionally creepy or does someone think they’re cute? Yikes!

  23. Fun stuff Cathy!

  24. haha Cathy! Great post. I must say those dolls are really creepy looking. Love the shot of the moon and the clouds.

  25. Ugh, those are some really creepy babies! Glad I missed those statues when I was in Madrid.

  26. Those babies in the window are really creepy!

  27. They are indeed somewhat scary specially the moon among the clouds. It will definitely make anyone scared if they happen to be alone and look up in the sky.

  28. What a collection. Now this is really scary! I must tell you that the mannequin in the last photo has at least two sisters here in Santiago. I had them in a post on the old version of my blog, and will be showing the photo again on the new one, shortly. I’ll let you know. That will be doubly scary!!!

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