Sep 192012

My first afternoon in Girona, Spain went along much like most of my visits to a new place. I look for a place to eat, take a lot of photos, walk for miles and occasionally lose my way. After arriving in Girona by train from Barcelona, 65 miles to the south, I headed out for tapas at one of the many outdoor restaurants surrounding the Placa Independencia. Afterwards, I walked for miles through the narrow cobblestone streets, around Girona Cathedral and along the Rio Onyar, one of the four rivers that meet at the city. Girona is often referred to as the Spanish Venice because of the rivers, bridges and picturesque buildings.

When I decided to make my way back to the hotel, I realized that I was completely lost and walking in circles. When traveling, I often start exploring a new place without a map assuming that I’ll find my way eventually. On this afternoon, it took longer than usual but I didn’t mind — it gave me more time to admire the sights of Girona. As it turned out, I had been very close to my hotel a few times, but was just on the opposite side of the river.

There will be more to come soon. For now, enjoy the photos. I hope they give you a bit of the essence of Girona.




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  52 Responses to “Postcards from Girona”

  1. Girona looks interesting city. I love the coloured houses overlooking the river. I’m very envious of you being there for TBEX. Have fun!

  2. Great photos (^_^)

  3. Great photos of a charming town – I would have loved to make it to TBEX

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Cathy! I wouldn’t mind getting lost here for hours. Love all the architecture and didn’t know that about being the Spanish Venice. I can’t wait to see more pictures and have a wonderful time at TBEX. Jealous πŸ™‚

    • It’s interesting how several European cities are nicknamed “The Venice of ….”. I think Amsterdam and Bruges have that claim, too.

  5. Hope you and Randy are having fun and great weather over there!

  6. Girona is beautiful! I love the old architecture. I’m sure you’ll learn much about the city while you’re there. And now that you mention it, getting lost in the city doesn’t sound like such a terrible thing. Have fun at TBEX!

  7. So envious of your being in Girona AND of getting to attend TBEX. Have a fabulous time! (From the looks of these photos, that won’t be difficult to do). Keep us posted. . .

  8. Girona looks like a great place to visit. Your story of getting lost reminds me of my first night in Bruges when I went out to get a pizza and it got cold before I found my way back to the hotel.

    • I can definitely see where you’d get lost in Bruges. I had no idea where I was going when I was there, but it didn’t matter — loved it!

  9. It sounds like a great start to your travels through Spain. What a scenic section along the river. I can see how you could get messed up.

  10. Girona looks fabulous! If there’s one thing that I’m an expert at it’s getting lost – I have absolutely no sense of direction! I think I have more fun wandering aimlessly than the people who know exactly how to get from point A to point B though! Have a great time at TBEX!!

  11. Yes Girona looks lovely! I have only heard good things about it. No map?? Thats the first thing I grab. Still get all twisted around but at least I have my trusty map or is it a type of security blanket??

  12. Girona looks fantastic! I am so jealous. Enjoy TBEX!

  13. Buildings by the river sure reminds of Venice. It’s fun to go for a walk without a map. Gives time to explore places otherwise we might miss by sticking to a schedule. Have fun!

  14. Love the architecture, Cathy. Looks like my kind of town. enjoy!

  15. I love wandering around and exploring, too, if my kids aren’t with me. They are less enamored of it. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

  16. Well that looks nice! Wish we could be there.

  17. Smart idea of Girona getting behind TBEX. It’s one of those cities that few people are familiar with, but it’s a real gem. It’s funny that Ryanair calls the airport “Barcelona Girona” – as if you’d only ever fly there if you thought it was near to Barcelona!

    • I was wondering about the airport name, too. Does seem a bit far away to be considered one of Barcelona’s airports.

  18. What a brilliant photo stream! We fly to Girona this December. Wow πŸ™‚

  19. Simply wandering around is a great way to get the feel of a place, and to find interesting images. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!

  20. Wow, I had no idea Girona had those earth-tone buildings and canals! Almost makes me sad we couldn’t make it to TBEX. Never been to Spain, but it’s definitely on the list…

    • “Well, I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been to ….” — remember that song? πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m glad that I can now say that I’ve been there!

  21. Girona looks like a lovely city. I love Spain and plan on returning in the next couple years so I’ll have to check it out.

  22. These are beautiful shots!

  23. I love how you’ve captured Girona, it’s such a beautiful city and one of those places that I could walk around for hours trying all the tapas.

  24. Oooh – I’ve never seen Girona before but looks like a wonderful place to wander

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  26. Wow, Girona looks fabulous. Love the way you’ve captured it.

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  28. Lovely photos! I would love to visit Spain soon. It is a dream of mine since I was a kid since Spain once dominated the Philippines.

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