May 252012

Our hotel at National Harbor, Maryland provided close proximity to downtown Washington D.C. just 10 miles north and lovely views of the Potomac River. Walking along the marina one evening, I captured this shot. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a cocktail while cruising along the river in one of those boats at sunset on the Potomac?

Sunset on the Potomac River

Sunset on the Potomac River at National Harbor, Maryland


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  19 Responses to “Friday Photo: Sunset on the Potomac”

  1. Wow. That is gorgeous! I love the way the light hits the side of the boats.

  2. What a great photo Cathy. Enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Oh yes I would. Only been to DC once, but utterly fell in love with it…..and I didn’t even see a sunset, so add this to my experience & I’d move there in a heartbeat! Gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous photo! Even enjoying a cocktail with that view would be perfect.

  5. That is such a beautiful view! The best part is the orange reflections by the boats.

  6. Beautiful shot! Like you say, seems like a great place to sit on a boat and enjoy a drink!

  7. Lovely photo, Cathy, the reflection is beautiful!

  8. I been to DC once before, but never got the see the water view….

    I love how the sun’s golden color is reflected on the water

  9. A cocktail here? Sign me up!

  10. I have a friend living on a boat in Maryland – I need to go visit here so I can enjoy sunsets like this!

  11. Caught at just the right moment. A glass of wine on one of those boats would go down a treat!

  12. What a beautiful shot! So peaceful!

  13. I love sunsets! Very nice – makes me want to sail away on one of those boats…

  14. Stunning photo. Wish I’d taken it 🙂

  15. Thanks, all for your very kind comments. Nice to know I’m not the only one who thought it was a pretty good shot!

  16. This is a fabulous shot, Cathy!
    I can taste that glass of wine.

  17. Cathy, I’m heading to D.C in a couple days, I’m looking forward to this view. I hope I will have time to experience some of the memorials that I haven’t seen.

  18. […] catching a gorgeous sunset on the Potomac at National Harbor, Maryland, I took a walk to the marina admiring the yachts and the lights of the […]

  19. I once went to a conference at National Harbor and got to spend at evening on the river. The sunsets there are quite nice and I do like the one in your photo. 🙂

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