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Thanks to Michael Figueiredo of Strux Travel for asking me to join in the 7 Super Shots series. The project was started by HostelBookers, who created the categories for which I’ve submitted the photos below. I hope that you enjoy them and have the same reactions as I do.

Here’s a photo that ….

Takes my breath away

Badlands, South Dakota

The surreal vistas of the Badlands in South Dakota elicit strong reactions. I was struck by the beauty of the vast desolation. The warm wind blowing on that hot summer day intensified the effect.

Makes me smile

Policeman and Holiday Horse, Chicago

Ho! Ho! Ho! I loved seeing this policeman and his festive horse in front of the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It helped to put me in the Christmas spirit and looking at the photo always puts a smile on my face.

Makes me dream

Double Rainbow, South Dakota

Oh, how I wish I had tried to find that pot of gold! It might have been there at the end of this double rainbow, but we just kept driving. The photo does make me dream about good things to come in life.

Makes me think

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial (Memorial to the Murdered Jew of Europe) in Berlin, Germany is stark and powerful.
The intent of the design was to evoke the sense of hopelessness and disorientation that the Jews felt during the Holocaust. I was absorbed in thoughts of this tragic part of history as I walked through the rows of 2,711 uneven concrete slabs.

Makes my mouth water

Cheeseburger and Sweet Potato Fries - Half Moon Bay, California

I usually forget to take photos of food until I’ve already started to eat, resulting in an unappetizing picture. But this one I shot right after it was served at San Benito House in Half Moon Bay, California. It wasn’t a fancy or exotic dish, but it was certainly delicious. Looking at the photo makes me crave a cheeseburger and fries.

Tells a story

Ludlow, California

This photo tells a tale of old Route 66 through the Mojave Desert in California. The highway was a major route from Chicago to Los Angeles until the interstate highway system made it obsolete. Motels, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses once flourished along the way. Now empty, boarded up buildings like these in Ludlow, CA along lonely stretches of highway tell stories of changing times and travelers throughout the years. Among those stories are a few of my own. I remember traveling from Chicago to California as a kid with my family, excited to be headed for Disneyland and Hollywood.

Photo I’m most proud of — (aka My worthy of National Geographic shot)

Glacier National Park, Montana

I didn’t follow the rules in this category because I see it as two separate topics. A “National Geographic photo” brings to my mind scenic landscapes, space and sea exploration, and cultural photo essays. Going by that definition, I submit the photo above taken at Glacier National Park. It was quite hazy that day, but I don’t think it takes away from the beauty of the mountains and reflections in the water.

The photo that I’m actually the most proud of is the one below taken in Antwerp Belgium’s Central Station which is called “The Railway Cathedral”. I like how the lighting and angles give it an edgy, yet elegant look that captures the ambiance of this grand railway station. The photo was very well received when I published it in a previous blog post.

The Railway Cathedral

This project has given me a chance to take a fun and fresh look at some of my favorite photos. As part of the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots project, I’m nominating these exceptional bloggers to share their 7 Super Shots.

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HostelBookers 7 Super Shots guidelines


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  44 Responses to “Sweeney’s Seven Super Shots”

  1. I love the double rainbow shot! Not many people can say they saw that before, and not many took good photos of it when it happens! Good job ^^

    The Railway Cathedral also stands out =) Black and white photo fits that place well ~

  2. Your cheeseburger and sweet potato fries are making me hungry. Nice close-up.

    • Thanks, Leigh. I’m not the best at food shots, but I’m pretty proud of that one. I get totally hungry looking at it.

  3. Great shots! I really like the last one.

  4. These are all great selections, Cathy! I love the Badlands one—it looks like Mars! Your last two are both suitable for National Geographic for sure. 🙂

  5. They’re all great shots! Bravo, Cathy.

  6. Ah, thanks for tagging me 🙂 I remember that photo from the badlands and it is your photos that actually made me want to go to S.D. It’s a great compliment to you when your photos inspire. And you certainly deserve it.

  7. I love the deserted gas station. A story to go with it is already forming in my mind.

  8. I’m absolutely in love with “The Railway Cathedral” image. It sets my imagination on fire!

  9. OK, so you have some great pictures and the one of Glacier National Park is stunning.

    But for some reason the most “Dang, I wish I’d been there” moment is the picture of the police horse with the Santa Hat. I think I would have laughed for a half hour.

  10. Wow, I had no idea the Badlands looked that stunning. Reminds me of Chamarel Coloured Earth in Mauritius. Thanks for the tag, too 🙂

  11. Beautiful shots, Cathy!

  12. Hi Cathy – I love that one of the Badlands in Dakota. I haven’t been there, but I’m now putting it on my list of places to see. I’ve seen the memorial in Berlin and I found it a bit odd – it was being used as a sort of playground – people sitting on the blocks drinking and having picnics and suchlike. I guess that’s a way to celebrate life as well but, as I said, I found it a bit odd.

    • Someone else told me that the day they visited the Holocaust Memorial, it seemed that it was like that when they visited. I know that the architect wanted it to be a place that became part of daily life. But I think he meant more as a place they would walk through every day. When I was there it was pretty quiet. People were very respectful.

  13. Great pics! Love the double rainbow… I’ve never seen one in real life!! I will be busy tonight picking out our top pics, thanks for thinking and including us!

  14. These are great photos! I’m having trouble getting the burger and sweet potato fries out of my head…YUM!

  15. Thanks for the tag, that Glacier National Park pic is amazing!

  16. What a fantastic series of images, Cathy. Very enjoyable viewing!

  17. Love that photo from Badlands.

  18. The first photo looks like it’s another planet!

  19. Love these shots — that rainbow is incredible — and I also would like some sweet potato fries now 🙂

  20. Great shots. I especially love the one of the Bad Lands and Glacier.

  21. Gorgeous Photos! I hope to see the bandlands one day! Glacier national park is on my list of places too!

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  23. Some nice shots. Interesting – I also chose a shot of the Holocaust Memorial for the ‘Made me Think’ category.

    • Just took a look at your 7 photos, too. Well done! It is interesting that we chose the same subject. The Holocaust Memorial is certainly worthy of the recognition, I think.

  24. All beautiful shots, Cathy and you are right the last one is more than Natrional Geographic worthy….beautiful!!

  25. Awesome images!!! I just now found this, because I was going to tag you. Glad I did my research ahead of time. I see someone else already knew to nab you for it. LOVED your images! Glad I came across it this way.

  26. Fantastic shots! I really love the first one and the hamburger, we don’t get burgers like that in Sardinia, Italy and I sure miss them.

  27. Nice shots, I just posted mine too 🙂

  28. Some truly great images here in this series…it is hard to pick one more than the other

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