Dec 122011

What did I see of Prague in two days?

I know that it wasn’t enough time to see everything this old and beautiful city has to offer, but it was enough to realize that I must return.

"City streets that I walked during two days in Prague"

As expected, there are throngs of visitors (even on cold December days) and plenty of tourist traps to avoid. But there’s a romance to the city with its architecture and winding cobblestone streets that makes it a wonderful place to experience.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is a bustling boulevard lined with hotels and shops. At one end of the square is one of Prague’s main Christmas Markets and at the other is the National Museum.

National Museum

Sometimes, the best travel moments are unexpected. Just as we were entering the National Museum, a concert was about to begin on a landing of the grand marble staircase. We bought tickets to enjoy the Prague String Soloists’ Chamber Ensemble perform Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Dvořák. They ended the performance with a moving rendition of Silent Night.

Municipal House

Near our hotel is the Municipal House, a cultural landmark where concerts by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and other special events are held. The mosaic above the entrance is called “Homage to Prague” by Karel Špillar.

Next to the Municipal House is Powder Gate, aptly named since it was used in the 17th century to store gunpowder. The structure was built in the 15th century. It also served as a good landmark for us to find our way to back to hotel.

Powder Gate

Old Town Square

The Christmas Market at Old Town Square is dazzling with its lights and decorations. This view is from the tower of the Old Town Hall.

Old Town Hall

A lift takes you to the top of the Old Town Hall, built in the 14th century where there are lovely views of Prague in all directions. The Astronomical Clock on one side of the building depicts the planets’ movement around the earth, sun and moon in addition to telling the time.

Carol Singers

While sipping hot mulled wine, we listened to these singers perform traditional Czech Christmas carols.


A warm pastry, called “trdelník” is a real treat sold at several food stalls at the Christmas Market. It’s made of dough, wrapped around a stick, grilled over charcoals and topped with sugar. Delicious!

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  1. I really like Prague this time of year, freezing cold, but magical…
    Sophie recently posted..A Quirky Christmas Market in Paris

  2. Gorgeous, I’m always stunned by Prague, I’m never tired of looking at pictures of the Czech capital and although it’s so close, I’ve never been!
    Angela recently posted..Photo Essay: The colors of La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

  3. We have wanted to do Prague for some time now….hopefully it will be soon. Great pics!

  4. I just forwarded this post to my good friend who grew up in Prague (but lives in Switzerland for the last 30 years) and each time I rave about it she looks at me in disbelieve. Isn’t it amazing how we tend to take things in our own back yard for granted, and sometimes don’t even explore our own city? I am guilty of that myself, always think that I can do that later…
    Happy Holidays!

    PS: Btw, the link over at travelblogexchange didn’t bring me here.
    Fida recently posted..Nov 29, Chefladefscht, a kind of Farmers Golf, in Riederalp

  5. Wonderful photos of a magic city. You were lucky to take this photo of the National Museum, because the main building of the museum is now closed for renovaton. It will reopen in Jine 2015. That’s a long way off.
    mivvy recently posted..December in Prague: Christmas Markets and Carp

  6. The Old Town Square looks beautiful – almost enough to put me in the Christmas Spirit on it’s own!
    I wouldn’t mind trying one of those trdelniks either.
    Steve recently posted..Mileage Run – I Just Need 15 Minutes in Dallas

  7. Lovely Prague! Still haven’t made it there… I would love to eat that warm pastry!
    Christina (Jandal Road) recently posted..Things to do in Tongariro National Park

  8. Just 2 days?? I went to stay in Prague for a month a few years back and ended up staying almost a year…
    Roy Marvelous recently posted..Bribery With Purpose: For Children Who Wanna Do Stuff Good

  9. I love these wintery photos! Have a lovely time.
    John in France recently posted..The Louvre – Forbidden Love

  10. Oooh – we just missed the holiday lights this year but it looks gorgeous at Christmas time!
    Andrea recently posted..Let’s Drool Over Some Jordanian Food

  11. Great pictures Cathy – very enticing!

  12. MMMMM!! that looks amazing!! so jealous!!!
    jenjenk recently posted..Istanbul, Turkey: Beyoglu

  13. Very nice and lovely to visit – never been
    eileen ludwig recently posted..How to Best Tour NASA Kennedy Space Center

  14. Great shots – that pastry looks fantastic and i would have loved stumbling into that concert. Despite the crowds it’s a gorgeous city.
    robin recently posted..The Bus Stop

  15. How magical. Happening upon that concert made it even more so.
    Beautiful post!
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Twelve Days Till Christmas

  16. I have wanted to visit Prague for quite some time and your lovely photos make me wish I was there right now for the Christmas market.
    Lisa recently posted..Christmas Ornaments as Travel Souvenirs

  17. What a magical time of year to visit! I’m so envious. :)
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Holiday Greetings From… The Grove, Los Angeles

  18. I loved visiting Prague back in 2008 and these amazing pictures remind me why!
    Megan Eileen recently posted..Tourism Boards Galore

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  21. Lovely photographs of some of the more well known sights in Prague.
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  24. Wow, you really did a lot in just 2 days! how great for you to see those concerts. Czech music is so beautiful. Great overview, Cathy!
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  25. […] Prague’s Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic architecture provided the perfect backdrop for the market at Old Town Square. Trdelnik, dough wrapped around a stick and grilled over charcoals and dusted with sugar, was my treat of choice as we listened to carolers singing traditional Czech Christmas songs and watched holiday plays on a small stage in the square. The only thing missing was snow. […]

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  31. We have visited Prague many times and this city is just amazing! Lot of nice buildings, great cuisine, old town markets…Awesome city! It is a pity is so crowded sometimes 😉
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